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The Full Diary Inbox Challenge is for therapists, educators and newly qulaified therapists who want proven email strategies to stay fully-booked

In this step-by-step email copywriting challenge, you’ll get your hands on Britt’s coveted Thriving Therapist Email Playbook: 12 fully customizable and proven emails that create authority, build anticipation and turn sign-ups into bookings. Plus, you’ll discover the list monetisation strategies that Britt has used to help dozens of educators launch profitable courses and hundreds of therapists get high-paying clients

The Profitable Practice Formula is an annual Fully immersive learning experience combining all of our courses with fun-to-follow challenges and coaching support

From full-diary marketing challenges to immersive coaching programs to an exclusive membership club — here you’ll get all the tools, training, and support you need to learn high-converting marketing skills, fully-book your diary, and build a profitbale practice this year.

The Facebook To Fully Booked Challenge is a 5-Day Challenge that teaches you how to design high-converting posts and stories on facebooks that lead to immediate bookings

In this 5-Day Challenge, you'll learn the Exact Steps to Convert Facebook Followers into Paying Clients. You will also get your hands on 25+ proven done-for-you posts to get clients from day one! Whether it is to fill your practice, courses, or events, the skills your learn in this 5-Day Challenge are worth their weight in Gold!

Thriving Therapist Web Design

You will get:

  • Your own personal domain
  • Hosting
  • Up to 5 email addresses
  • Advanced Templates and Designs
  • Security, Speed, and SEO
  • Mobile Optimised
  • Customised Training videos to make edits to your site
  • Monthly back-ups