Consultations That Convert PP

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Consultations are the foundation of your treatment protocol. Get it right, and you will have a long-term client. Get it wrong, and you will get bad reviews…

Do you struggle to retain clients after 1 or 2 sessions?  Hate that awkward conversation for scheduling the next treatment at the end of a session?

I 100% guarantee it is because you don’t have consultation skills!!!   I am shocked at the number of Therapists that don’t have a tried and tested Consultation method because it is seriously the foundation of the client-therapist relationship.  I hate to toot my horn in saying this, but for sure this is by far my very favourite program of mine!!  Buy it, use it, tell me how it changed your practice….. Xx

You are gonna learn:

  • What to say on calls for bookings
  • Exactly what you need to be asking on your consult form (template included)
  • How to dissect the information the client gives you
  • How to walk through the answers with them… when to talk, when to be quiet
  • What red flags to look out for in your client (consultations are a 2-way street, my friend!!)
  • When to refer out and Who to refer them to
  • If you should charge for your consultation or not
  • How long your consultation should be
  • How to close your consultation with a 100% book rate (Learn how I was closing clients at £1k before I had even put my hands on them…)


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