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How Did Thriving Therapist Start?

The beginnings of The Thriving Therapist probably aren’t what you’d expect.

In late 2012, after a few years off moving to the UK from the US and raising my son, I restarted my bodywork practice – but this time I was starting from scratch with zero friends or family to help me get started.  Soon after, I hired a business coach to help me grow my practice a bit quicker.

I had a waitlist after less than 6 months

Learning online marketing was an absolute game-changer for both my bodywork practice, and my life! In less than 6 months I had tripled my prices from £30 per hour, up to £95 – and the majority of my clients were buying treatment plans, starting at £1k before I ever even put my hands on them!

Major-media became a staple for me, and I was regularly getting featured in national and international publications such as HuffPost, BBC, Daily Mail, and more!

Because of my strong online presence, I was being booked by grammy winning artisits, celebrities, and pro athletes!

And because of my professional website, I was even being head-hunted to do work commissioned by the NHS – which is absolutely unheard of! I asked them why they chose me, and they would sy it was because of my professional website.


helping therapists to reach more people


In 2013, I was asked if I wanted to join the Executive committee of a professional body and eventually went on to chair both the British Complementary Medicine Association and the Association of Physical & Natural Therapists – and I am still so very proud of the work I did over those 10 years!

Utilising my newly found marketing skills to grow the organisations by over 20%, and getting asked to market for large events, my business coach inspired me to start teaching others these skills.

In 2014, I wrote the #1 Best-Selling Book “The Successful Therapist”, which taught complementary therapists fundamental business and self-development skills, and soon after launched my first online course

To date, I’ve helped hundreds of therapists around the world to grow their practice, and built 150+ professional websites for individuals and some of the most well-known educators in our industry.

150+ Websites Built.

I now have a team behind me, and our bespoke marketing and website service is no longer something affordable for some. It’s an opportunity for all—a way for us to earn therapists’ trust who might later become paying clients. As their practices grow, some 30-40% of therapists we build free websites for come back to us for our business courses and paid projects.

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, we’ve grown so much that it’s landed us at the top.

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