Optimise Your Website to Be Efficient w/ Client Enquiry Replies

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For massage and complementary therapists, responding promptly and professionally to client enquiries is essential. Your website should be a powerful tool to help you manage this task effectively. In this blog, we’ll explore how to set up your website to respond to client enquiries in the most time-efficient way possible.

Consider All the Ways Clients Might Contact You

Clients may reach out through various channels such as email, phone, social media, and other platforms. Ensuring you have alerts turned on for all these channels means you’ll never miss an enquiry. Here’s how:

  • Email Alerts: Use email clients that allow notifications on your phone and desktop.
  • Phone: Make sure your business phone is always charged and within reach. Set up voicemail for after-hours.
  • Social Media: Enable notifications for messages and comments on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Other Platforms: If you use third-party booking sites or directories, ensure those notifications are active too.

Clear Call-to-Action Contact Options

One of the most common mistakes on therapist websites is the lack of clear and accessible contact options. Ensure your site has prominent “Call Now,” “Book Now,” and contact boxes. Here’s why this matters:

  • Ease of Use: Clients are more likely to contact you if it’s straightforward.
  • Reduce Drop-Offs: Statistics show that 70% of mobile users will abandon a site if they find it difficult to navigate or contact the business.
  • Direct Links: Make phone numbers and email addresses clickable links to avoid the need for copy-pasting, which can frustrate potential clients.

Use ReCaptcha

Protect your contact forms from spam by implementing ReCaptcha. This tool ensures that the messages you receive are from real people, saving you time and hassle.

Save Your Email Signature

Include your social media links, contact information, and working hours in your email signature. This consistent professional touch saves time and provides clients with all necessary details in every correspondence.

Use a Booking Calendar

A booking calendar integrated into your website allows clients to see your availability and book appointments without the back-and-forth of emails. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of double-booking.

We personally recommend Calendly as most therapists can get by with the free version. Calendly seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar, making it very intuitive if you are an Android user or if your clients use Google Calendar as well. Other options include Acuity Scheduling and SimplyBook.me.

Auto-Respond to Enquiries

If you’re often fully booked and can’t reply immediately, set up an auto-response for emails. Acknowledge receipt of the enquiry and inform clients when they can expect a detailed reply. This reassures clients that their message has been received and sets clear expectations.

Automate Emails

Automating certain types of emails can streamline your service and keep communication professional without being spammy. Your booking system may have automation features integrated, but if it doesn’t, or if you don’t use one, consider these options:

At Thriving Therapist, we integrate FluentCRM for our clients who have large email lists for an extra £20 per month. FluentCRM offers robust email automation and CRM functionalities.

Here are examples of emails to automate:

  • Booking Confirmations: Immediately confirm appointments.
  • Appointment Reminders: Send reminders 24-48 hours before the appointment.
  • Aftercare Emails: Provide post-treatment care tips shortly after the session.
  • Re-Engagement Emails: Reach out to clients who haven’t booked in a while with special offers or reminders.
  • Follow-Up Enquiries: Prompt clients who enquired but haven’t yet booked.

By automating these emails, you maintain high-value services, ensure professionalism, and save time.


Responding efficiently to client enquiries can significantly impact your practice’s success. By optimising your website with clear contact options, using tools like ReCaptcha, saving your email signature, integrating a booking calendar like Calendly, setting up auto-responses, and automating emails, you create a streamlined, professional experience for your clients.

To help you enhance your email communication, we’re offering a free download of our Done-For-You Automation Email Templates. These templates will save you time and ensure your emails are professional and effective.

Download our Done-For-You Automation Email Templates.

By following these strategies, you’ll ensure your website not only attracts new clients but also provides a seamless, professional experience that keeps them coming back.

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