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Learn How To Write An Engaging, Memorable & High-Converting Email Marketing Campaign That Fills Your Diary – IN JUST 5 DAYS

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In this step-by-step email copywriting challenge, you’ll get your hands on Britt’s coveted Thriving Therapist Email Playbook: 12 fully-customizable and proven emails that create authority, build anticipation and turn signups into bookings. Plus, you’ll discover the list monetisation strategies that Britt has used to help dozens of educators execute profitable campaigns and hundreds of complementary and remedial therapists fill their diaries with high-qualiy and loyal clients.


Social media and content platforms may have revolutionized the world of digital marketing… but here’s the cold hard truth:

You don’t own your social media audiences. 

Not only are you at the mercy of the constantly-changing algorithm that can disrupt your reach at any moment, but you have very little control over what your actual fans and followers even see

And all it takes is for one of these giant platforms to crash or for your account to get hijacked – and all the work you’ve put into building your following can be taken from you in an instant. – It’s happened to me before, and it truly SUCKS!

Luckily… your email list is different. You own it. 

You get to decide how often your subscribers hear from you and you get to dictate exactly what messages they see — without worrying about the dreaded algorithm, widespread outages or other social media nightmares that stand between you and the clients and potential clients who want to hear from you.

Plus when it comes to email… 99% of users check their email every single day and most of them open their inbox first in the morning – before looking at social media or even checking the weather…

And with over 4.1 billion email users and counting — this “old-school” marketing option isn’t going anywhere. 

Email is still the single best way to nurture your followers, build authority, and fill your diary and courses…

But not just ANY old email will do… you need to know how to own the inbox with copywriting that connects and converts to bookings so that you can Fill Your DiaryFast


Anybody with a pulse online is savvier than ever before and can spot and scroll quickly past cookie-cutter content from a mile away.

Yup, even your pretty Canva designs that you spend hours making.

So, in a crowded inbox of mundane notifications, promotional newsletters, and mediocre messaging… YAWN

How do you create content that stands out, gets bookings and actually sounds like you?

The secret to designing an email campaign that gets bookings and sale has nothing to do with how many emails you send, how big your list is, or even what type of product, course, or service you have…

And everything to do with creating an authentic experience that makes your readers feel genuinely heard, understood, included, and inspired by the value that you bring (yes, even when you’re selling something!)

Engaging, empathetic and effective email marketing is rooted in REAL human connection, marketing psychology, and proven conversion principles.

The goal is to get them to say YES, that is me!

It’s not enough to spit out a mediocre email from a ready-made template or A.I. tool…

Nah, that’s not gonna fill your diary or courses.

If you want to own the inbox you need to know how to craft an entire email experience… 

A masterful campaign that speaks to your readers’ REAL wants, needs, and desires and helps them solve a REAL problem.

As a marketer, I get paid handsomely by my clients for the way I am able to tell relatable stories, create emotional resonance, and build relationships…

In a way that no cheap-ass template or A.I tool ever could.

& that’s what I’m here to teach you.

So no matter what service or product you’re launching or how long you’ve been practicing, if you’re ready to fill your diary with email marketing skills and create an engaging, unpredictable and authentic campaign – let’s do this…

In the Full Diary Inbox challenge, you’ll learn the proven marketing strategies you need to stand out from other therapists, get booked out, and win the hearts and minds of your audience in a way that creates truly loyal clients – in just 5 days.


Get Inside The Minds (& Hearts) of Your Audience

We’ll begin the Challenge by diving into the 12 most common client archetypes. By understanding your clients' core values, drives and desires, you’ll effortlessly create personality-filled messaging that matters.

Learn How To Think Like A Marketer

The most successful therapists are marketers first. Over the course of 5 days, you’ll design your very own personalised multi-email marketing campaign that guides readers through a valuable and memorable booking experience.

Master The Inbox With Proven Strategies

Inboxes can be finicky. During this Challenge, you’ll learn proven email marketing strategies, booking triggers and best-practices that will make sure your emails actually make it to inboxes, get opened, and get clicked!

Here's what you'll
learn in 5 days



Email with empathy


Thousands of out-of-touch therapists still rely on soulless templates and one-size-fits-all email marketing to (try to) get bookings and connect with their clients. That’s a hard NO here at Thriving Therapist. In this module, you’ll learn the 3 biggest email marketing mistakes to avoid in your practice at all costs, how to identify your cclient’s core values, drives and desires based on 12 proven personality archetypes and the secret to planning a highly-targeted and effective email marketing campaign that oozes with empathy.



The promotion pyramid


Before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and start writing emails, you must plan your perfect promotion. It’s not enough to know what you’re selling and to whom – as an email marketing strategist, you decide howThis is THE secret sauce that puts the most highly-paid copywriters on a level above the rest. On day 2, you’ll discover key conversion triggers, persuasion principles and objection killers PLUS the 3-step formula for turning signups into sales in a snap.





On day 3 of the Challenge, you’ll learn the email marketing strategies that work today and get your hands on the coveted Thriving Email Playbook: 12 fully-customizable email frameworks that I’ve used to fill diaries and execute 5-figure launches for educators and events – both for myself and my clients. You’ll learn the goal, hook and anatomy of each email, along with when to use them and why. Then you’ll design your very own sales campaign like the thriving therapist that you are!



Crafting the campaign


This is where things get FUN. On day 4, you’ll learn how to strategically craft your client’s booking experience by writing emails that validate their struggles, encourage their goals, and empower them to take inspired action. You’ll learn the 4 types of open loops, secrets for improving readability and flow and how to infuse your copy with conversational charm and personality so they know there’s an awesome human on the other side.





Did you know that 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone and another 24% also base it on the preview text? That’s right, it doesn’t matter how great your email is if no one’s going to read it. On day 5, you’ll learn how to write exciting subject lines that will get your emails opened faster than a text from your bff – PLUS best practices to avoid the spam folder, tips for optimized formatting and how to write click-worthy CTAs (i.e. Bookings)


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I’m a bodywork therapist of over 18 years, previous chair of 2 multi-national CAM professional bodies, marketing strategist, and founder of Thriving Therapist Toolkit. Over the past decade, I’ve helped launch several successful therapists and therapy brands and partnered with many of the most well-known educators and events in complementary therapy — writing high-converting sales copy, scaling multi-6-figure brands, and crafting iconic promotional campaigns.

I’m also the Founder of Find A Therapy Directory, a £190/year directory membership that gathers complementary therapists from around the world in one place, where their listing is marketed and my team sends them major media opportunities, proven strategies, and actionable tactics for scaling their practices quickly.

After nearly 2  decades in the complementary therapy world, it is my conviction that a connection and marketing are not mutually exclusive. Therapists who take their work seriously must combine proven marketing principles with modern-day branding and authentic storytelling if they want to have a stable career and change as many lives as possible. 

That’s why in 2014, I started The Thriving Therapist Toolkit, a series of mini-courses with the aim of helping therapists grow their practice using by combining 18 years of industry insight with proven, easy-to-learn marketing principles. By 2020 we had grown a global community of over 6,000 remedial and complementary therapists through our Facebook page and coaching program — The Profitable Practice Formula.

My goal is to redefine what it means to be a complementary and remedial therapist today and share the techniques and strategies I’ve used to build a heart-centered 6-figure practice from the ground up.


"Thank You For Helping Me Get 'Stronger'!"

Britt, I just sacked a client because they were far from my ideal client.  I actually feel quite relieved as she was a drain.  I then raised my prices and replaced her with 2 new clients - following your advice has given me more income AND more energy by working with my ideal clients.  Thank you for helping me get 'stronger'... I feel like I'm getting there because I have never done that before!

"I Am Enjoying This Experience So Much!"

I can’t tell you how uplifting it has been having like-minded people…

"I've Learned So Much From The Challenge This Past Week"

“I’ve learned so much from the Challenge this past week and I am so thankful to have found your YouTube Channel. It’s inspiring to know I can truly change the projection of my career with such simple steps and so quickly - I am on track to earn more than my husband this week!!!!

"The Value You Provide Is Outstanding!"

Britt, you and your team do an exemplary job of creating a repeatable and non-cringe marketing system that actually works!  The system of finding your niche, 'pain language, and creating a convincing solution is repeatable and authentic. I know the work you put into this was enormous, but what really shows is that you have been perfecting these steps for many years.

"The FIrst Course I Bought That ACTUALLY WORKS"

I have bought SO MANY marketing courses to grow my reflexology pracice - and this is the first and only one that actually worked - Thanks Britt!!!


Join Today For Only £47

Frequently Asked Questions

The Challenge is a self-study video training program.

Although it was taught and designed to take place over 10 days, with 5 Video Trainings, 2 Q&A sessions and 3 bonus trainings…

You can absolutely progress through the program at your own pace…

Binge all at once, or go slow and steady – whatever works best for you! We are all on journeys and have different schedules.

As soon as you join the Challenge, you’ll get access to the Copy Posse Membership Portal so you can start asap.

Day 1 will be available immediately and a new video training will be unlocked as you progress through the challenge. 

You will also be invited to join the private Thriving Therapist Facebook group, which is a valuable way for you to network with other therapists and help each other along your short journey!


This challenge was designed to be completed within one week. We recommend that you follow this timeline to make the most out of your momentum.

  • Day 1 Training (Today)
  • Day 2 Training (Tomorrow)
  • Bonus Q&A
  • Day 3 Training
  • Day 4 Training
  • Day Off – Post Writing Day!
  • Bonus Q&A
  • Day 5 Training
  • Bonus 1: How To Introduce Yourself
  • Bonus 2: What To Charge
  • Bonus 3: Copy Hot Seat


Each training takes approximately 60 minutes. There will also be daily homework and exercises that should take an additional 1-2 hours a day to complete. Expect to spend at least 2 hours writing your posts. Think of it as your own personal weekend writing retreat!


Yes! The proven post formula that I’ll be teaching can be used for any product or service in the B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) industries. i.e. for both therapists AND educators!  I’ve used the same framework and writing process for brands in personal growth, spirituality, wellness, lifestyle, coaching, events, devices, online education and more.


You have lifetime access to all training, Q&A sessions and bonuses inside your Thriving Therapist Members’ Portal, including the challenge workbooks! You also have unrestricted access to the Thriving Therapist Facebook Community for ongoing Q&A and support.


Absolutely not! This Challenge is for Therapists and educators who want to take their email marketing skills to the next level.

If you don’t have a list, that’s totally cool – you’ll still learn how to craft a high-converting booking and sales campaign that you can use once you build your list PLUS the strategies you need to deliver awesome results (and raise your rates) for your next client.

If you do have a list, awesome! You’ll rock your next promotion or launch.


We do not offer refunds. The Facebook To Fully-Booked Challenge is specifically created for people who understand the value behind this experience and have set the intention to actually apply the practical tools and insights provided in these five days.

When you join a Thriving Therapist program, you’re in the Family for life. We’ll never give you up or let you down…

And that’s why by paying only £97 you’re getting a massive £497 worth of value back. That’s our “return” policy!



Join Today For Only £47

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