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Join 150+ complementary Therapists

Who've Received A Stunning Website For Free.

With a professional website for your business, potential clients are 76% more likely to book with you.

That’s right. Having a website is absolutely critical to getting people to trust your work.

But hiring a web agency to build your website can run you anywhere from £500-£4000.

That’s why Thriving Therapist is here. As part of our free-website program, we’ve helped hundreds of complementray Therapists since 2019 to get a professional website for their business—for free.

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We're Going To Let You In On A Huge Secret...

If you don’t have a professional website, your complementary therapy business is more than 80% less likely to succeed.

A Facebook or Instagram page just isn’t going to cut it. On average, complementary therapists without a professional website fail at 8x the normal rate.

Rated Higher Than Wix And Squarespace.

“My website went live three months ago and I already see amazing results. I also follow the bespoke marketing plan designed for me and it works!“
Patricia J.
“I love my new website! It has a super intuitive interface and I get to include my workout videos. The best thing about it is that I no longer need to email my clients with their workout routines. Working out from home is so much better.“
James H.
“I was depending solely on social media for my bookings, and I realised I was losing potential clients when I would put 'email me' instead of having a link to my website. It's so sleek and classy, I'm sure it is what increased my bookings!“
Lora R.

A Professional Website That You'll Love.

Fast, mobile optimized, and SEO ready

Mobile optimized

With over 50% of internet traffic coming from cell phones, we make sure your site is fully mobile optimized.

Stunning designs

We use some of the world’s most cutting-edge website designs, built by leading graphic designers.

SEO ready

We ensure that your website is set up to rank highly on Google and other search engines.

Maximum load speed

We make sure your website visitors don’t wait a millisecond longer than they have to.

Cutting-edge security

All our websites have the leading security features installed, including automated daily back-ups.

Easily customizable

We’ll show you how to edit your own website so you’ll never have to hire a web developer.

Jessica Ray

Reflexologist, Sole Healing

"If you are considering Thriving Therapist to create your website, then just do it. They are literally the best. I can't recommend them enough!"

Rated #1 web agency for Complementary Therapists

Take A Look At A Few Examples

We Won't Charge You.

We build people professional websites for free that other agencies charge thousands of dollars for.

The reason we do this is simple: it’s a great way for us to build connections with business owners who might hire us for larger paid projects as their companies grow.

More than 95% of the people we’ve built websites for have been happy with the results, and about 18% go on to hire us for additional paid projects or recommend friends who do.

Website Fees

James Goulding

Sports Massage Therapist, Conwy Rehab Centre

"The process couldn't have been easier, and the communication was clear. I always knew what was happening, and the training videos are detailed!"

Rated #1 web agency for
Complementary Therapists

We Accept 28.4% Of Applicants.

Apply to our free-website program and our reviews committee will get back to you within 24-48 hours. We accept around 32% of applicants.

If we like your idea, we’ll get back to you promptly and assign a Senior Developer to work with you on building your website!

We'll Guide You Step By Step.

Not technically savvy? Never had a website built for you before? Don’t worry. We’ll guide you step by step through the process with videos and clear instructions as we work together to build you your dream website.

We’ve worked with everyone from hyper-savvy 25-year-old startup founders to elderly business owners who need some extra support.

apply now

We’ll review your application and see if you’re a good fit within 24-48 hours.

If so, we’ll assign you a Senior Developer and build your website… for free!

Website Fees

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