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Are you a remedial or complementary therapist who needs a high-converting social media strategy that actually works in today’s online marketing climate?

Are you a new manual or movement therapist ready to put your work out there but don’t have the time, money, or patience to learn or create complicated social media ads?

Are you a practice owner who is struggling to fill your practice and needs fast-track guidance to get a high-quality strategy out in under a week?

Or are you a newly qualified remedial therapist who wants to have a planned out marketing strategy so you can get clients ASAP.

Join Britt Spence, Founder of The Thriving Therapist Toolkit, for her 5-Day Facebook To Fully-Booked Challenge.

In this step-by-step video program, Britt will teach you the EXACT Fully Booked Formula and post-writing process she has used to help hundreds of therapists to 6-figure practices and newly qualified therapists to establish authority in their niche land high-paying clients.

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Value: £497

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Quickstart Client Attraction Checklist


Without a Strategic professional Facebook Presence, you’ll lose potential clients before you even begin to write your first post. My 5-question client attraction checklist will help you get started on the right foot by setting up your Facebook in a way that lets your ideal clients immediately understand and connect with your service and your unique selling proposition.






This powerful writing exercise will help you truly connect, educate, inspire, and empathize with your ideal clients so that they believe in you and your service… and actually want to book! The Wheel of Trust includes 6 proven post prompts to help you build trust, create authority, and inspire action




The SERVICES Offer matrix


You’ll learn how to craft compelling offers for any therapy or service using my simple 4-point Offer Matrix. You are going to learn booking triggers, marketing must-haves and proven action-taking principles – this is the exact framework I use to make an offer absolutely irresistible.






Now it’s time to put everything you’ve learned into action! You’ll get your hands on my highly coveted proven post formula — a step-by-step framework for writing a magnetic long-copy post from start to finish. Plus tips and tools on how to keep people interacting, create effortless transitions into bookings, and use persuasive formatting. And don’t worry, you’ll never come across as pushy or salesy!






Voila! You have all your long-copy posts drafted! Now learn how to get your ideal clients to respond to you like you’re a magnet with one sentence posts. You’ll get my Proven Quick-Action Post Formula, 3 powerful post templates, plus my final facebook checklist so you can make sure you get More clients, more time, and a profitable practice!



So many therapists shy away from the idea of MONEY in their business – if this is you, go ahead and close this page and I wish you well with keeping your Hobby afloat… 

For those of you that understand that a BUSINESS needs bookings and money to operate, you know that Money Posts are the central piece that converts your followers into a booking clients, and the most valuable asset you can have to fully book your practice anytime!

Don’t listen to the amateurs who say that social media marketing doesn’t work…

There’s a reason that social media marketing has been named one of the highest-paid freelance gigs of 2022.

In fact, many therapy professionals, educators, and events pay up to £10,000 for an experienced marketer to create their posts and write their sales pages for them.

It’s the fuel that funds their entire business…

And it takes expert guidance, strategic preparation and a proven formula to get it right

Which is more important now than ever before.

Over the past 2 years, since the “C-Word” and closures rocked our industry, I’ve come across so many remedial and complementary therapists that are scrambling to scale online…

And struggling to create, update and innovate their social media presence in response to the recent shifts in the online marketing climate.

Unfortunately, not many are able to find a strategy they can rely on or that specialises in the manual and complementary therapy industry to create the style of marketing they feel comfortable with and that actually gets results…

And most therapists understandably aren’t equipped with the training and knowledge they need to create ORGANIC marketing that actually works today – based on proven principles and frameworks

And many newly-qualified therapists are stuck in that painful therapy catch-22: no clients and no experience. (I get it. trying to attract high-paying ideal clients without any experience to show? It’s pretty intimidating.)

Between running my agency, my therapist coaching programs, and my therapy directory page of over 6,000 subscribers  — I can only take on a few select clients a year…

That’s why I decided to do whatever I could to make this skill as accessible and affordable as possible for therapists who need it…

So YOU can write your own high-converting marketing strategy from scratch and get Fully-Booked ASAP.

This got me thinking…

What could I give you that goes way deeper than my free YouTube tutorials… yet charge way, way less than my exclusive coaching programs?

How could I teach you how to write the single most important and lucrative posts in the shortest amount of time?

That is what inspired me to create the Facebook To Fully-Booked Challenge.


Following my proven and powerful fully booked formula.

Before this, the only way to get access to this formula was through my exclusive coaching program, the Profitable Practice Formula, which costs £1,997 to enroll.

But when you join the Facebook To Fully Booked Challenge today, you’ll get it for £97.

That’s right. For just £97, I’m giving you my step-by-step process and proprietary formula that I personally follow for every single sales post I write… 

And — you’ll get access to the Thriving Therapist Toolkit through our private Facebook Group.

The value of this challenge is £497 and, to be honest, my team said I was crazy to offer this to you at such a massive discount. As long as people are using to help more people, I will hold zero regrets…

But there is a catch…

You see, it’s my mission to empower and inspire therapists that are heart-centred, empathetic and 10000% authentic so that there are fewer robotic, spammy, sleazy, unauthentic sales posts on social media. We’ve all had enough of those…

So this is ONLY for those who are fiercely committed to using these organic marketing powers of persuasion to reach as many people as possible with therapies and services with an aim to genuinely help people. Cool?

If you can promise me that, then we have a deal.

I’m going to make this easy for you. I’m going to help you get one foot in the door in five days instead of five weeks or five months…

I’m going to teach you the foundational skills and highly-coveted secrets of organic marketing that will boost your bookings, create returning clients, re-activate old ones, find new ones, and set you apart from the rest… 

And all you need to do is invest a couple of hours a day and one low payment of £97. You in?


I’m a bodywork therapist of over 18 years, previous chair of 2 multi-national CAM professional bodies, marketing strategist, and founder of Thriving Therapist Toolkit. Over the past decade, I’ve helped launch several successful therapists and therapy brands and partnered with many of the most well-known educators and events in complementary therapy — writing high-converting sales copy, scaling multi-6-figure brands, and crafting iconic promotional campaigns.

I’m also the Founder of Find A Therapy Directory, a £190/year directory membership that gathers complementary therapists from around the world in one place, where their listing is marketed and my team sends them major media opportunities, proven strategies, and actionable tactics for scaling their practices quickly.

In 2014, I started The Thriving Therapist Toolkit, a series of mini-courses with the aim of helping therapists grow their practice using by combining 18 years of industry insight with proven, easy-to-learn marketing principles. By 2020 we had grown a global community of over 6,000 remedial and complementary therapists through our Facebook page and coaching program — The Profitable Practice Formula.

We are the new generation of Remedial & Complementary Therapists.


"Thank You For Helping Me Get 'Stronger'!"

Britt, I just sacked a client because they were far from my ideal client.  I actually feel quite relieved as she was a drain.  I then raised my prices and replaced her with 2 new clients - following your advice has given me more income AND more energy by working with my ideal clients.  Thank you for helping me get 'stronger'... I feel like I'm getting there because I have never done that before!

"I Am Enjoying This Experience So Much!"

I can’t tell you how uplifting it has been having like-minded people…

"I've Learned So Much From The Challenge This Past Week"

“I’ve learned so much from the Challenge this past week and I am so thankful to have found your YouTube Channel. It’s inspiring to know I can truly change the projection of my career with such simple steps and so quickly - I am on track to earn more than my husband this week!!!!

"The Value You Provide Is Outstanding!"

Britt, you and your team do an exemplary job of creating a repeatable and non-cringe marketing system that actually works!  The system of finding your niche, 'pain language, and creating a convincing solution is repeatable and authentic. I know the work you put into this was enormous, but what really shows is that you have been perfecting these steps for many years.

"The FIrst Course I Bought That ACTUALLY WORKS"

I have bought SO MANY marketing courses to grow my reflexology pracice - and this is the first and only one that actually worked - Thanks Britt!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Challenge takes place over 7 total videos, 5 Group Trainings and 2 Q&A sessions. There will also be three bonus sessions unlocked after the Challenge ends.

All videos are recordings from the live Facebook To Fully-Booked Challenge, which took place in November 2021. 

You’ll be able to access these videos via the Thriving Therapist Membership Portal. You’ll be given access to the portal as soon as you enroll in the Challenge. Day 1 will be unlocked immediately and a new video training will be unlocked every day thereafter. 

You will also be invited to join the private Thriving Therapist Facebook group, which is a valuable way for you to network with other therapists and help each other along your short journey!


This challenge was designed to be completed within one week. We recommend that you follow this timeline to make the most out of your momentum.

  • Day 1 Training (Today)
  • Day 2 Training (Tomorrow)
  • Bonus Q&A
  • Day 3 Training
  • Day 4 Training
  • Day Off – Post Writing Day!
  • Bonus Q&A
  • Day 5 Training
  • Bonus 1: How To Introduce Yourself
  • Bonus 2: What To Charge
  • Bonus 3: Copy Hot Seat

Each training takes approximately 60 minutes. There will also be daily homework and exercises that should take an additional 1-2 hours a day to complete. Expect to spend at least 2 hours writing your posts. Think of it as your own personal weekend writing retreat!


Yes! The proven post formula that I’ll be teaching can be used for any product or service in the B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) industries. i.e. for both therapists AND educators!  I’ve used the same framework and writing process for brands in personal growth, spirituality, wellness, lifestyle, coaching, events, devices, online education and more.


You have lifetime access to all training, Q&A sessions and bonuses inside your Thriving Therapist Members’ Portal, including the challenge workbooks! You also have unrestricted access to the Thriving Therapist Facebook Community for ongoing Q&A and support.


We do not offer refunds. The Facebook To Fully-Booked Challenge is specifically created for people who understand the value behind this experience and have set the intention to actually apply the practical tools and insights provided in these five days.

When you join a Thriving Therapist program, you’re in the Family for life. We’ll never give you up or let you down…

And that’s why by paying only £97 you’re getting a massive £497 worth of value back. That’s our “return” policy!


Value: £497

Join Today For Only £97

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