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Clients come to you for a result, not an hour’s session. Learn how to manage client expectations, get incredible results, and have amazing financial clarity.


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  • The Value Create a high-value treatment plan that is designed to get clients results
  • The Outcomes Learn what tools are the best to use to measure outcomes
  • The Expectations Manage client expectations (This is HUGE for creating immediate satisfaction in clients!!) 
  • The Trust Build a deep trust and mutual respect with your clients
  • The Accountability Empower your clients by teaching them how to hold themselves accountable for their well-being   
  • The Finances Create serious financial clarity in your business (This was the BIGGEST Game-Changer for me to create a sustainable business!!)

Using this exact method, you will Discover How to Get incredible results, Financial stability, and Amazing services that your clients will 100% talk about!



  • The Community Support in a Private Community of high-vibe therapists from around the world


This course can be utilised by ANY CAM, Natural Health, Movement, or Speaking Therapist.  

Look, I LOVE Happy clients, and I LOVE making clients happy!!  BUT, I don’t like thieves, scammers or thieves… SO, I will meet anyone halfway here… 

  • As long as you haven’t accessed any of the course materials, you can request a FULL refund within 48hrs of purchase.
  • If you access the first video and decide it’s just not for you, you can request a 50% refund, as long as you have not  downloaded ANY of the downloads.
  • Once you have accessed the materials by viewing over 20% of the content or downloading ANY of the downloads, No refund will be processed

You will get access to the private FB Group, where you can ask questions and get answers.  You will also get to participate in Exclusive Challenges and Give-Aways!

Thriving Therapist Toolkit is based in the UK, so I charge in £’s – but I have a great currency converter built in, so when you check-out, you know exactly what you will be charged in your home currency!!

ABSOLUTELY!!!  Sharing is Caring!!  Ask me about the Affiliate Program, and I will set you up with your own personal sharing link 🙂