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20 Ways ChatGPT can help you to grow and market your massage practice

Hey!  Is it just me, or does it feel like we woke up one day and AI had already taken over?! 

If you haven’t had a play with ChatGPT yet, you need to know it is really powerful!!  It has the ability to save you so much time in your marketing and communications – but only if you know how to use it the smart way!

We will soon see social media FILLED with really bland robotic posts – mark my words.  Don’t become one of those!!  If you harness this technology correctly, you are going to be so far ahead of the competition, that it won’t even be funny…  

This is just a basic list though… Let me know if there is a specific one on the list that intrigued you, and I will make a more extensive training on it!  

Anyways – here are 20 ways complementary therapists can integrate ChatGPT into their Practice for Marketing and Growth:

  1. Chatbot integration: This one has been around for a while, but you can integrate a chatbot powered by ChatGPT into your website or social media to answer common client questions and schedule appointments.
  2. Social media management: ChatGPT can help generate engaging and informative social media posts to promote your practice and interact with followers.  This shouldn’t be used for ALL posts, and you should put your personal ‘human’ touch to the post, too, so that it has your vibe to it.

  3. Email marketing: This one is pretty mind-blowing!! You can use ChatGPT to craft personalised email campaigns to onboard new clients, and keep clients informed about promotions, new services, and special events.

  4. Content creation: ChatGPT can assist in creating blog posts, videos, and other educational content to position you as an expert in your niche.  I want to again highlight assist, as you should always put your own touch to any content created.

  5. Customer support: ChatGPT can provide instant and personalised customer support through the chat interface of your website, addressing any questions or concerns clients may have.  ChaptGPT is not perfect, though, so make sure you check these responses often, though!

  6. Online reputation management: ChatGPT can assist in monitoring online reviews and managing your reputation on review sites.  If you are established, then try it out – it’s pretty wild!!

  7. Virtual consultations: You can offer very basic pre-screening virtual consultations powered by ChatGPT to provide recommendations and answer questions for potential clients.  Great for pre-booking questions.

  8. Appointment reminders: ChatGPT can generate personalised appointment reminders for clients to improve attendance and reduce no-shows.  Just copy and paste them into your online booking system and you’re ready to go!!

  9. Promotions and packages: Therapists can use ChatGPT to generate unique packages and promotions to attract new clients and retain existing ones.  I am going to find a way to integrate this into my Treatment Plans That Get Results Program!

  10. FAQs: ChatGPT can assist in creating an FAQ section for the practice’s website, providing quick and easy answers to common questions.  Just simply ask it to create a list of the most common Questions and Answers for a Massage Practice – and voila!!

  11. Landing pages: This one requires a little bit of knowledge, but if you are a little bit advanced in marketing, you can use ChatGPT to assist in creating effective landing pages for your practice’s website, highlighting the services offered and encouraging conversions.

  12. Ad copy: Again, another slightly advanced one; but ChatGPT can generate compelling ad copy for social media, Google AdWords, and other advertising platforms. I will be honest, I have checked this one out, and It’s good – but not great

  13. Website copy: ChatGPT can assist in creating website copy, such as the “About Us” page and other key sections, to help tell the story of your complementary therapy practice and its services.  I know you are probably wondering how on earth it is going to write the about section – but try it!

  14. Surveys: Therapists can use ChatGPT to generate client surveys, gathering feedback and insights to continually improve the business.  This is something that is REALLY useful, especially if you are a practice owner.  But I recommend individual private practice therapists to get client feedback, as well!

  15. Technical support: This one is for you, not for clients.  ChatGPT can provide technical support for massage equipment, such as tables and chairs, and assist in answering any related questions, such as weight bearing, best brands, etc. 

  16. Body care tips: If you haven’t created your aftercare sheets yet, or they are due for a refresh, ChatGPT can assist in creating aftercare content to help clients understand how to care for their bodies between massages, etc.  It’s even perfectly laid out for you!!

  17. Product descriptions: Therapists can use ChatGPT to craft product descriptions for massage oils, creams, and other supplies sold in the therapy room.  Aromatherapists can even get inspiration for blends and create an information sheet about them!

  18. Event promotion: Educators can use ChatGPT to assist in promoting events and workshops – reaching a wider audience and driving attendance. including scheduling, budgeting, vendor selection, early-bird deadlines, sponsor upsells, and more.  This one is kind of OMG, because it’s GOOD, and this is a job that usually pays 50k+ a year::Anxious laugh::

  19. Website critique: Ahh!! This one is so cool!! Ask ChatGPT to critique your website (colour scheme, navigation, user experience, etc) and it will give you feedback on how you can imporove! So so good!!

  20. Marketing research: Honestly, this one is my favourite.  I have used it often when developing Find A Therapy, and when I am making any sort of investment proposals.  You can use this in your practice to conduct market research and gather data and insights in your niche.  An example would be when is back pain most often searched on google?  Then you know when to market for this 😉 this one will keep your practice ahead of the competition!

In summary – you can save SO MUCH TIME doing mundane marketing tasks by using ChatGPT; but don’t get too lazy.  No matter how clever it is, people can tell when something is AI-generated.  So, use it to assist your efforts, but always go back over things and put your own brand voice to it!!  And let’s just be thankful AI hasn’t learned how to massage yet…

Have you tried ChatGPT yet?

This list really just scratches the surface and there is so much more to learn about how you can harness ChatGPT in your massage and bodywork practice. If you want to share other ideas, or you want me to go into more detail about a particular section, just let me know in the comments below and I will make special training for it!  


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