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Discover the 10 social media triggers you need to write posts that lead to bookings.

The Full Diary Inbox Challenge is for therapists, educators and newly qulaified therapists who want proven email strategies to stay fully-booked

In this step-by-step email copywriting challenge, you’ll get your hands on Britt’s coveted Thriving Therapist Email Playbook: 12 fully customizable and proven emails that create authority, build anticipation and turn sign-ups into bookings. Plus, you’ll discover the list monetisation strategies that Britt has used to help dozens of educators launch profitable courses and hundreds of therapists get high-paying clients

The Thriving Therapist is a small team of international therapists and educators who are on a mission to help as many people as possible with integrity and love. Our founder, Britt Spence, started this global movement in 2014, and since then, we’ve been committed to supporting therapists in reaching their full potential by providing them with the marketing and business skills they need.

We believe that the old-school “hourly rate” model doesn’t serve anyone well, which is why we encourage therapists to find new and creative ways to help their clients while taking care of themselves. And when it comes to marketing, we’re all about being authentic, telling your unique story, and using proven strategies that really work. No shady or manipulative tactics here!

Our ultimate goal is to redesign private practice one therapist at a time and create long and fulfilling careers for everyone involved. We offer web design and marketing services, online programs, and lots of free resources on our YouTube channel to help you get there.

So if you’re a therapist looking to make a positive impact and grow your practice, we’re here for you! Let’s thrive together!

From full-diary marketing challenges to immersive coaching programs to an exclusive membership club — here you’ll get all the tools, training, and support you need to learn high-converting marketing skills, fully-book your diary, and build a profitbale practice this year.

"Thank You For Helping Me Get 'Stronger'!"

Britt, I just sacked a client because they were far from my ideal client.  I actually feel quite relieved as she was a drain.  I then raised my prices and replaced her with 2 new clients - following your advice has given me more income AND more energy by working with my ideal clients.  Thank you for helping me get 'stronger'... I feel like I'm getting there because I have never done that before!

"I Am Enjoying This Experience So Much!"

I can’t tell you how uplifting it has been having like-minded people…

"I've Learned So Much From The Challenge This Past Week"

“I’ve learned so much from the Challenge this past week and I am so thankful to have found your YouTube Channel. It’s inspiring to know I can truly change the projection of my career with such simple steps and so quickly - I am on track to earn more than my husband this week!!!!

"The Value You Provide Is Outstanding!"

Britt, you and your team do an exemplary job of creating a repeatable and non-cringe marketing system that actually works!  The system of finding your niche, 'pain language, and creating a convincing solution is repeatable and authentic. I know the work you put into this was enormous, but what really shows is that you have been perfecting these steps for many years.

"The FIrst Course I Bought That ACTUALLY WORKS"

I have bought SO MANY marketing courses to grow my reflexology pracice - and this is the first and only one that actually worked - Thanks Britt!!!

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Every year, our Agency partners with a select number of clients whose services and style vibe strongly with our own. With over 20 years of training and experience in complementary and remedial therapies, sales, branding, and direct-response marketing — we’ve designed dozens of high-converting offers, brand guides, and promotional campaigns.

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Raising Your Prices

As a complementary therapist, it’s important to regularly evaluate your prices and consider whether or not they accurately reflect the value of your services. While

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Every single week, Britt shares tips, tools and trends from the Thriving Therapist Toolkit. Join our community of other thriving therapists and educators and browse her 100+ free tutorials on YouTube.



Discover the 10 social media triggers you need to write posts that lead to bookings.


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